Solotility Release

A new version of Solotility is now available for download, and as usual, some annoying bugs have been fixed, design and behaviour improvements implemented etc. Update Log

//Features –

>> Now possible to set text color with a color selection menu in the Item Editor.

//Updates –

>> Changed order of Build ID displayed in the Build ID Handler, ID’s are now sorted by date created.
>> Application now show the name of the catalog currently browsed by the user
>> History log now show if content of an item was modified by the user.
>> Improved data management of the History Log.
>> Fixed flickering graphics in the Node Editor.
>> Grid in the Node Editor is now offset when moving the view.

//Fixed –

>> Solution Outliner no longer auto-hide if the context menu is visible
>> Improved behaviour of auto-hiding toolbars on the dashboard
>> Fixed issue with Table-of-Content tags not beeing hidden in the Item Editor
>> Build ID Manager no longer migrate Obsolete or Deprecated items between builds when passed.
>> Build ID Manager now assign a new Default State if possible when the previous default one was passed
>> Normalize Node in the Node Editor now use proper Modifier-type color
>> Sorted out a memory leak in the Node Editor

Solotility Release

Did some improvements for Solotility, available in the new version, which you can download from here.

New text style tag for coloring. Update Log

Features –

  • Now possible to have the dashboard toolbox folds auto-hide when not in focus.
  • Added a new toolbox fold for the dashboard: Index
  • Added new editor style tag “rgb” to specify text color, using RGB values 0-255.
  • Improved style-tag hiding in the text editor

Updates –

  • Now possible to cache all images appended to items to prevent data loss
  • Updated the UI of the Task Creator dialog
  • Added new node to the Node map Editor, “Normalize”
  • Moved setting “Hide completed Interim Goals” to the “Software Settings” tab
  • Removed widget-system since it felt quirky
  • Now possible to move the main application window when running in windowed mode
  • Toolbox and Outliner folds are now toggled, allowing only one of the two to be open at the time
  • Added a new folded toolbox to the dashboard called “Index”. It lists all item tags and build ID’s in your solution. Selecting an ID or tag loads all relevant items to the Work Item List
  • Improved generated path for Node Editor transition curves
  • Node Editor Input/Output nodes are now highlit when mouse is hovering above them

Fixed –

  • Fixed issue with “Validate Action Dialog” placing it’s information outside the text box bounds
  • Fixed issue with the Task Creator Dialog not properly selecting a catalog when opened.
  • Build ID Manager will no longer be able to display negative values when passing a Build manually
  • Fixed issue with Build ID’s not refreshing their appearance when assigning a new ID as “Default Build”
  • Fixed issue with Build ID Manager not refreshing the active/closed stats

Solotility Release

Finished developing a new build of Solotility. Made some updates to the UI and data management among other things. Full update log can be found to the right. To download Solotility, check out the Files page. Update Log

  • Now possible to hide “passed” build ID’s from all lists in the editor windows.
  • Added user settings to the Options dialog that allow you to control the color of node labels in the Node Editor
  • New options to clear all items of specific states, accessible by pressing Edit>Clean-up Solution> in the top menu strip of the Dashboard.
  • Improve search field in the Item Link Manager dialog.
  • Search Widget will now match item names aswell, and not just item tags.
  • Search Widget is no longer case sensitive
  • Redesigned the drag-form button to make it act more conventional
  • Made some optimizations for database management
  • Now possible to chose which Build ID should be the “Default” one selected when creating new items.
  • Removed drag-form button from the Node Editor dialog.
  • If the Item Editor is opened in maximized mode the drag-button will be hidden.
  • Created new node types, “Sigma” and “Product” nodes and the “Random Value Node”
  • Increased width of the Project Overview dialog, when a scrollbar was visible in the interim list only 1 interim control fit per row.
  • Comments can now be added to any node in the Node Editor.
  • Added Help documentation
  • New toolbox fold panel in main window
  • Moved Solution Outliner to a new “outliner”-fold panel in main window
  • Fixed issue with the Item Editor not resetting all Fold-icons to default non-checked state
  • Fixed issue that locked the ‘Edit Content’ button of the Item Editor if it was closed without saving, while in edit-mode.
  • Fixed issue with Output Log messages not beeing properly appended to items when closed.

Solotility Release

Publishing another version of Solotility, I did some massive changes to the Node Editor ( previously called Mindmap editor ). It’s no longer only functional for mind maps, I implemented some basic math operations to allow users to test value scaling and planning, also new “dialogue nodes” have been added to allow for creating dialogue-trees. A few other updates have been added aswell. Full update log can be read below. As usual, the application can be downloaded from here.

Now I really have to focus on Demox for some time… it’s difficult sometimes though since I’ve found it to be really fun working on Solotility! 😛 Update Log

  • Implemented new Editor Tag that creates a text marker, pressing the marker label in the Table of Contents box will select the line of the marker in the work item’s content writer.
  • Redesigned Node Editor node behaviours, and implemented new node types ( Nodes are created through the context menu, by right-clicking the grid-view )
    • Text Node //Simple single-line text node
    • Dialogue Node //Multi-line text node
    • Value Node //Holds a value used in combination with math-mod, value or math-op nodes
    • Result Node //Displays the result of math-mod, value or math-op nodes
    • Subtract Modifier //Subtracts one or more values from the first assigned value node
    • Division Modifier //Divides one or more values by the first assigned value node
    • Multiplication Modifier //Multiplies one or more values by the first assigned value node
    • Power of 2 Modifier //Outputs the assigned value node’s value in power by two
    • Sqr Root Modifier //Outputs the square root of the assigned value node
    • Cosine Function //Cosine function taking the assigned value node’s value
    • Sine Function //Sine function taking the assigned value node’s value
    • Tangent Function //Tangent function taking the assigned value node’s value

( NOTE! Node maps created in earlier versions of Solotility will not be loaded properly due to the massive changes done to the node editor in )


  • Re-designed listed Item Link and Item Tag elements in the item editors
  • Item Editor and Node Editor now have a field with small buttons on the right that categorise the toolbox, should make the toolbox more manageable
  • Removed deprecated help-rect in the Welcome Screen window
  • Disposed deprecated resources
  • Mindmap editor is now renamed to Node Editor
  • Improved Node Editor design
  • Node Editor grid view can now be moved by holding the middle mouse button while draging the mouse
  • Node Editor grid view can be zoomed in and out by using the mouse wheel
  • Added tooltips for the Node Editor
  • Node Editor now save Build ID properly for work items
  • Added a Node Outliner to Node Editor that show all value nodes inserted in the current work item
  • When pressing the “Rename Build ID” button in the Build ID Manager window the selected Build ID will be filled in to the text area


  • Fixed issue that caused the Node Editor to set up invalid node transitions, this was caused by node indices not beeing updated when removing one of the nodes in the grid view.
  • Fixed issue with Item tag and Item link elements not adjusting their width properly when switching screen mode from windowed to fullscreen
  • Build Manager dialog now properly cancel any ongoing “New Build” or “Rename Build” operation when closed mid-op.
  • Fixed issue that caused the item editor to save multiple changes to the history log when no changes were made in the Item Editor but an item was saved.
  • Fixed issue with item templates assigning deprecated dates when creating new items.
  • Interim Creator dialog now keep the Build ID list updated.
  • Fixed issue with the Build Manager setting all existing Build groups to “Active” after passing the selected Build ID