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New host & stuff!

Hello! I’ve now moved my website to another host, and for those who didn’t notice, a new domain, ( )

I haven’t posted anything for quite a long time- I’ve simply been too busy with all kinds of stupid things, and haven’t prepared anything in particular to post about for this occassion, however I can atleast share some updates regarding my projects.

The game Demox has been put on hold for now. I felt that the game started to become too large of a project, something I currently can’t find time for. I’ve also started a new project (work-name Colony), which is working quite ok for me at the moment. Furthermore I’ve also begun experimenting with another game project which I’ll probably reveal more about early next year. Both games are intended to be alot shorter than Demox started to become though.

<- WIP screenshots of Colony to the left

Also feel free to check out the new “Assets” page I’ve set up, I’ll post downloadable packages of game assets I’ve created for whoever might feel the need for them. ( Currently quite little in stock…. yes, but more will come! ūüôā )

Editor Gizmo Packs

Gizmo Pack 1 © 2023 by Crumbling Dave Software is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 

Gizmo Pack 2 © 2023 by Crumbling Dave Software is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 

Solotility 1.3.118 Release

I’ve uploaded a new build of Solotility to take care of some bugs and annoyances that were present in v1.3.108. The new build can be downloaded from here. Update Log

Updates –

  • Scroll panels now move to the text marker location if out of bounds while typing
  • Scroll panel view pane location is now reset when loading new content to the scroll panel control

Fixed –

  • Fixed issue with Item Template Manager flaging for catalog-change validation when editing old item templates
  • Fixed issue with messages not beeing saved to the dashboard on solution reload
  • Changing active solution no longer throws an out of range exception.
  • Fixed issue with Outliner context menu selecting wrong catalog for an action
  • Fixed issue with Mouse-Wheel scrolling in Scroll-Panel controls
  • Fixed issue with scrollable panels not registering mouse-wheel scrolling in some situations

Solotility 1.3.108 Release

New version of Solotility, project organizer, has been uploaded. Now also leaving the beta-phase.

I noticed some time ago that all updates I’ve posted recently have been about Solotility, I’m still working alot on my game Demox though, and next up are to write some posts concerning that game project… it’s been far too long and quite alot has happened to it since last time I posted any updates on the development.

Anyways, below is a full update log for v1.3.108 of Solotility, and as usual, the application can be downloaded from here. Update Log

Updates –

> New Editor Settings:
Link Text Color ( Item Editor )
Plain Text Color ( Item Editor )

Top bar Color ( Application )
> Moved overall-progress chart to Solution Stats fold on the dashboard
> Updated layout of Project Overview dialog
>Now possible to add links to other work items in the content box of the Item Editor
> Node Editor is no longer maximized, and a size-handle has been added to change window size
> Image Caching will no longer create duplicate items if the same image is appended to the same item
> Item Tags and Item Templates can now be renamed from the manager dialogs
> Updated graphics for scrollbars and drop-down boxes
> Improved Recent Changes-widget attached to the Dashboard
> Added size-handle to the main application window, while in windowed-mode

– Fixed –
> Fixed issue with Tag-List not opening properly on interaction in the Node Editor
> Fixed issue with Get nodes not updating the list of available Register nodes
> Fixed issue with PropBlockNode not updating the list of available Property Blocks
> Fixed issue with ItemEditor not flaging for changes made if images are added or removed
> Node Outliner Items can no longer be modified if it’s target node is Locked by the user