Colony is my primary project at the moment, and it’s still in development. Images and video clips of the game shown on this page at this time does not necessarily reflect how the product will look like when finished.

About Colony


  • New host & stuff!

    Welcome to my new domain! Let’s celebrate with a new project reveal and some free assets! #indiegame #indiegamedev

  • Editor Gizmo Packs

    Icon packages and such

  • Solotility 1.3.118 Release

    I’ve uploaded a new build of Solotility to take care of some bugs and annoyances that were present in v1.3.108.…

  • Solotility 1.3.108 Release

    New version of Solotility, project organizer, has been uploaded. Now also leaving the beta-phase. I noticed some time ago that…

  • Solotility Release

    I’ve done a number of updates and fixes to the Solotility app again, releasing v0.3.10.6 today! As usual the application…

  • Solotility Release

    A new version of Solotility is now available for download, and as usual, some annoying bugs have been fixed, design…