Solotility Release

A new version of Solotility is now available for download, and as usual, some annoying bugs have been fixed, design and behaviour improvements implemented etc. Update Log

//Features –

>> Now possible to set text color with a color selection menu in the Item Editor.

//Updates –

>> Changed order of Build ID displayed in the Build ID Handler, ID’s are now sorted by date created.
>> Application now show the name of the catalog currently browsed by the user
>> History log now show if content of an item was modified by the user.
>> Improved data management of the History Log.
>> Fixed flickering graphics in the Node Editor.
>> Grid in the Node Editor is now offset when moving the view.

//Fixed –

>> Solution Outliner no longer auto-hide if the context menu is visible
>> Improved behaviour of auto-hiding toolbars on the dashboard
>> Fixed issue with Table-of-Content tags not beeing hidden in the Item Editor
>> Build ID Manager no longer migrate Obsolete or Deprecated items between builds when passed.
>> Build ID Manager now assign a new Default State if possible when the previous default one was passed
>> Normalize Node in the Node Editor now use proper Modifier-type color
>> Sorted out a memory leak in the Node Editor