New host & stuff!

Hello! I’ve now moved my website to another host, and for those who didn’t notice, a new domain, ( )

I haven’t posted anything for quite a long time- I’ve simply been too busy with all kinds of stupid things, and haven’t prepared anything in particular to post about for this occassion, however I can atleast share some updates regarding my projects.

The game Demox has been put on hold for now. I felt that the game started to become too large of a project, something I currently can’t find time for. I’ve also started a new project (work-name Colony), which is working quite ok for me at the moment. Furthermore I’ve also begun experimenting with another game project which I’ll probably reveal more about early next year. Both games are intended to be alot shorter than Demox started to become though.

<- WIP screenshots of Colony to the left

Also feel free to check out the new “Assets” page I’ve set up, I’ll post downloadable packages of game assets I’ve created for whoever might feel the need for them. ( Currently quite little in stock…. yes, but more will come! 🙂 )