Solotility Release

Finished developing a new build of Solotility. Made some updates to the UI and data management among other things. Full update log can be found to the right. To download Solotility, check out the Files page. Update Log

  • Now possible to hide “passed” build ID’s from all lists in the editor windows.
  • Added user settings to the Options dialog that allow you to control the color of node labels in the Node Editor
  • New options to clear all items of specific states, accessible by pressing Edit>Clean-up Solution> in the top menu strip of the Dashboard.
  • Improve search field in the Item Link Manager dialog.
  • Search Widget will now match item names aswell, and not just item tags.
  • Search Widget is no longer case sensitive
  • Redesigned the drag-form button to make it act more conventional
  • Made some optimizations for database management
  • Now possible to chose which Build ID should be the “Default” one selected when creating new items.
  • Removed drag-form button from the Node Editor dialog.
  • If the Item Editor is opened in maximized mode the drag-button will be hidden.
  • Created new node types, “Sigma” and “Product” nodes and the “Random Value Node”
  • Increased width of the Project Overview dialog, when a scrollbar was visible in the interim list only 1 interim control fit per row.
  • Comments can now be added to any node in the Node Editor.
  • Added Help documentation
  • New toolbox fold panel in main window
  • Moved Solution Outliner to a new “outliner”-fold panel in main window
  • Fixed issue with the Item Editor not resetting all Fold-icons to default non-checked state
  • Fixed issue that locked the ‘Edit Content’ button of the Item Editor if it was closed without saving, while in edit-mode.
  • Fixed issue with Output Log messages not beeing properly appended to items when closed.