Solotility v0.2.4.4 Release

A new version of the Solution Organizer Utility has been released, unusually many new features, updates and fixes- but it was about time! You can read the release log below, to download the version have a look at the Downloads page! Update Log


  • Added setting to allow the user to hide interim goals from the goal list if the goal was accomplished/reached
  • Now possible to recover auto-saved versions of a project from the File> menu
  • Added new setting to toggle the auto-save feature on and off.
  • Now possible to drag most of the application’s windows by holding the arrow-button at the top-right corner of the window.
  • Modified how project history manager function aswell as related settings.
  • Added a history button inside the Item Editor window that will open a list of all changes made to the loaded work item.
  • Added controls to rename the selected Build ID in the Build Manager window.


  • Added tooltips
  • Changed Highlight color of buttons for better readability.
  • Changed name of the history log to “Solution History” in the ‘Window’ menu to avoid confusion with the new Item History function.
  • Build ID’s can no longer be removed if the selected ID is the last remaining in the database.


  • Fixed issue with Build ID naming conflict when adding new ID’s to the database
  • Project Overview no longer display progression value with decimals.
  • Fixed issue with Build Manager resetting the “track ID” state whenever the Build Manager is re-opened.
  • Log Message box in the Item Editor now clear any previous input when appearing on screen.
  • Fixed an issue that enabled the user to create a new catalog on the same hierarchy level as the “Dashboard” catalog. The new catalog would be visible in the Solution Outliner, but the database could not save the node as it’s not intended behaviour.