GIF Snapper 0.1.02 Release

Publishing a new version of GIF Snapper that solve some awkward issues detected in 0.1.01. GIF Snapper is available here. Update Log

Updates –

-Removed two-step creation of GIFs. Capturing a GIF now only require one single user action.
-The frame used to set desired capture bounds is renamed to “Screen Capture Bounds”
-Button to apply screen capture bounds was recolored to green
-Created a hotkey for .gif capture. Pressing LCtrl+F12 now captures the .gif. Application window can now be
minimised when performing the action

Fixed –

-If resolution and capture bounds were not the same value, the resulting .gif file had non-desired size. Resolution property removed, it’s now always the same as Screen capture bounds size
-Fixed issue with the application corrupting the defined Screen capture bounds and frame-related user settings
after capturing a .Gif