Solotility #6 – 0.1.22 Release

As I’m sure that I’ve mentioned in alot, if not all, previous posts concerning Solotility, most of my dev-time is spent building Demox- I’ve managed to get some time to fiddle with Solotility aswell though- which to me is a good thing since I’m using the tool myself for my own project management.

With that said, I’ve just released v0.1.2.2 with some new features, updated behaviour and bug fixes!

Head over to the Files page to download v0.1.2.2 Release Log


Update Log Generator – Save a text-line when closing an item, all text lines will be printed to a .txt document when an update log is built

Tag List Popup – Display a list of all tags that already exist in your solution from the Item Editor

Interim Goal Tracker – New widget that makes it possible to track interim goals or build progress


Item Naming Conflict – Items that share the same name with an already existing item will either replace the original or append an integer at the end of the name

Improved Text Formatting – An easier tag-library has been implemented and text formatting is more consistent

Now possible to move catalogs within the Solution Outliner by right-clicking them

Widget DisplayMessage Board, Item Filters, Item Search widgets have been docked to the main window, other custom widgets will appear on the dashboard

Images attached to the items are now added to an image-gallery inside the Item Editor. Previous method of printing them inside the text editor had inconsistent results and sometimes also caused an application crash


[ Item Template Manager ] – Fixed Null Reference Exception beeing thrown if the user clicked an empty space in the item template list
[ Item Editor ] – Fixed issue with “Edit Content” button remaining highlit if checked when deleting an item
[ Data Management ] – Fixed issue with used solutions not appearing in the “Recent Files” list on the Welcome Screen
[ Item Editor ] – Fixed minor glitches when editing user-created item templates.
[ Dashboard ] – Fixed issue with the Database Statistics field displaying wrong item sums
[ Dashboard ] – Fixed issue with Database Statistics not beeing updated when creating, closing or disposing items
[ Item Editor ] – Fixed issue with empty item links beeing added to an item if the “New Item” event is cancelled during Item Link Management