Solotility Mashing

Spent ridicilous amount of time, mashing code like a madman, for my new program SolOTility this weekend. I did make some good progress though! I’ve begun some more intense testing of the program today and I think that I’ll have a functional build released next weekend. I’m going to resume work on Demox this week aswell though, and I still got my day-time job so I’ll make no promises! 😉

New widgets implemented for the Solution Dashboard

Mindmap Node Editor

The user can now create and edit mindmaps with the built-in Node Editor.

The Node Editor used to edit Mindmap items

Start Screen

Created a Start Screen for the application. At this time the user can chose to either create a new project or load an existing from this screen, In the future I’ll add Template Projects that the user can use as a solution setup for a new project aswell as some Tutorials and documentation.

The new Start Screen


I’ve created widget control objects that the user can add/remove to the solution’s dashboard for a more personal work flow.
Currently there’s only three types of widgets but I intend to add more as need be.

“Search Widget” that allow the user to search for items with matching date keys or tags.
“Item Chart Widget” to give the user a better overview of the project.
“(Advanced)Item Filtering” that allow the user to only load items with matching states or types.

The new ‘History Log’ dialog.

Solution History Log

Added options to allow the user to save more item-change log messages, the full history log can be read by clicking the “History” button in the Dashboard screen.
( Previously only saved 3 change-log messages for display on the Dashboard, now the user can select to save everything between 3 messages to up to 500 )