v2.32 Release!!

Hello again everyone! I’m glad to say that I finally managed to fix the weird UI behaviour for LBKR, and with that said it’s time to publish the 2.32 update!

The issue I had with the Unity Engine’s UI system not properly rendering scroll panels was relatively easy to work around after all, I used to adjust the size of the content elements through code earlier, and I initially believed that this caused the Unity UI to skip some sort of Refresh-call. I therefore removed all such code and added Unity’s built-in auto-layout components that properly position and resize content that is added dynamically.

I got the feeling that the UI is now behaving more consistently, and above all layout is more accurate (and I could strip away a whole lot of code.) but the problem still remained, atleast for more than half of the scroll panels. After some further testing I noticed that the game (seemingly random) would resize the content elements of the scroll panels to a size of 0px. I ended up with forcing those content elements to stretch out and fill the entire scroll panel through code, which seem to have fixed the problem. I just feel that it was a quirky and unnecessarily weird way to have to solve it.

Anyway, let’s dive into the v2.32 and it’s new features!

– Input –

The default attack-button has been changed to the left mouse button, simply because it is a more common button for this action,
Opening the Game Menu during a session will now pause the game
If the player is attacked while teleporting to a safe-zone the teleporting will now be cancelled
Dashing/Dodging now cost 10% of the player’s max energy value
Improved Camera zoom behaviour, including auto-zoom settings.

– Gameplay –

Added 6 new side-missions, 8 new achievments, 3 new void rifts, 1 new map sub-section, 1 new secret map, 6 new unique monster encounters and 1 new unique weapon

– UI –

Changed large parts of the UI, all UI is now better adapted for various screen resolutions aswell. Fixed alot of issues and bugs that the UI suffered from previously.
Improved and optimized Message Box and Log Manager behaviour

– Other –

Improved map loading procedure, and slightly more feedback for the user while a map is loaded

And on and on… I’ll spare those of you who aren’t interested in every little detail the pain of reading through the entire Update Log, but in case you wish to know it all you can find the full log over at the LBKR website!

Don’t forget to download the LBKR v2.32 full game, completely free to play with no in-game transactions and you’re welcome to follow me on Twitter if you’re interested in updates regarding my other projects or possibly future updates for LBKR if needed or desired!

Last but not least, thanks for showing interest in LBKR!