LBKR 2.31 Final Release

The DLC that’s in development (Alamo) has been cancelled since I simply feel that I don’t have enough time nor energy to follow it through. LBKR has been quite a large game to maintain on my own for some time and every change I’ve done this far for the DLC has created a chain-reaction of adjustments and other things that need to be done to adapt the previous version of LBKR and make the two compatible. It’s sad though since the new maps and concepts I had of the DLC felt quite cool and fun, but I simply have too much stuff going on in Life at the moment so I’ve got to prioritize.


With this said though, I’m still releasing the v2.31 update, two new monsters originally intended for the DLC has been added to the update and placed in chapter 4 and 5 of the original story, these are the Commisioner and the Clerk that was mentioned in my previous article.


The monster “Cultist” has been remodeled, this was done as I intended to give them alot more space in the “Alamo” DLC and reveal their story more properly- I find the new model to fit the game better though so I kept it even though I’ve decided to cancel the DLC!


Alot of UI updates and improvements has been made, the character-gib/dismemberment system has been improved with better visuals and many of the commonly used particle systems have been updated.

ui bountyKeeper

For a full update log of 2.31 have a look at the LBKR website.

LBKR 2.31 is available for download here!

ui beastIcons

If you encounter any bugs or problems while playing LBKR don’t be afraid to notify me about this and I’ll sort it out as soon as possible!

mdl cultist

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And finally thank you all for your support and interest throughout the LBKR development! 🙂

gp clerk1