Releasing 2.28

This version of Loot Burn Kill Repeat took a while to get in shape, but it’s finally time and alot of nice udpates are shipped with it! I’ve also decided to release it one day before the set release date as I noticed that tomorrow (14th) is valentines day… didn’t think of this earlier, and I’m quite sure that my spouse will kidnap me the entire day so that I can’t upload the game builds.

Some of the larger updates include-
– Heavy code- physics- audio- culling- optimizations
– A new chapter (Ch.10 – Core of Sindre) that comes in three levels
– New achievments, missions, secret areas, monsters and world chunks
– Updated game introduction (prologue)
– Improved User interface
– Alot of add-ons for the combat-system, including new statistics for AI and weapons that have an impact on probability to stagger the enemy, leading to the monster entering “execution”-mode (instant-kill)
– New decal system implemented to handle blood splatter and impacts/blast marks on the environment
– New post-processing effect framework

If you’ve missed out on the new LBKR gameplay trailer check it out below!


Early on during the development of v2.28 I spoke of a new player class called the “puppeteer”, this feature has been delayed until the 2.29 release as I’ve not had enough time to properly finish all abilities and necessary code for the character.

If you wish to read the full release log it’s available here
Hope you’ll enjoy and good luck with your monster-slaying adventures!