LBKR, Dev Report #8

I’ve spent most of my dev-time the past week with work on maps for the upcoming (new) chapters of LBKR and some more planning on what the crap’s supposed to happen’ in said chapters.

As you can see on the screenshots there will be more outdoor-ish maps than what we’ve seen in the first five chapters, I’m planning on having the map layouts randomized for these aswell though, unlike the “void”-maps accessible through the “Curious Organ” consumable dropped by the Void Walker. However, I also plan on having the player descend a cave system that lead down to a hive built by the “Forsaken” monsters.

I modified the UI slightly, item tooltips are less transparent to prevent other UI windows to bleed through and hopefully make them easier to read.
And while speaking of tooltips, weapon tooltips now display the weapon’s Armor Penetration rating, some item icons have been updated (like the icon for the Crowbar, that earlier was just a weird-as-shit-orange-stick) and all ability tooltips have been completely rewritten. More clear info of the ability’s properties and bonuses are now printed, I’ve also begun adding different font colors to mark down “important” information in the tooltips.

A new item will be introduced in the next version of LBKR, called “Property Modifier”, it will only be possible to get by crafting it (or as a mission reward) and will modify an item of your choice’s properties randomly (Each property may either be decreased or improved, independent of eachother). I’m planning on adding another Modifier item that will improve an item of your choice’s properties however, this item will be more expensive to craft.

Furthermore a weapon’s Armor Penetration rating is now part of the procedural item generation, opposed to the earlier way it was handled, that each weapon had a pre-defined AP value. The AP value will be determined by weapon type, if it’s one or two handed and also the condition of the weapon. (Each equipable item has a condition-parameter during it’s generation, ranging from lvl1(Damaged) – lvl5(Excellent). The parameter will modify the item’s properties depending on set condition level.)
And that’s pretty much it for this week, I’ve also managed to fix a few bugs from previous version(s) but none as interesting or vital to bring up right now! 🙂