LBKR, Dev Report #7

So what’s up?
For the moment I’ve added all missions I had currently planned for them game, except for one mission that will unlock another player character, but I don’t want to add it until I’ve had time to add the character… and I’m still tweaking the new Forsaken-class so it might be a while before I’ve had this new mission done.
Anyways, there are already some changes I’ve managed to make for the upcoming v2.26 so let’s go through them.

Reflective Water Shader

If you’ve played the game with reflective water toggled on you have probably noticed that there were alot of glitches if particle effects were emitting particles above, or below the water surface, and also it (seemingly random) generated waves, a behaviour I don’t want since most areas in the game ( for now ) are interiors.
I’ve replaced the previously used water shader with Unity’s default water shader, apart from beeing alot cheaper, regarding the memory, it also appear to generate less visual artifacts.
Furthermore I’ve begun changing stuff in the procedural item generator, still have alot to do but for now I’ve added Weapon’s Attack Rating (ie. Weapon Handling) buff to the generation procedure, the weapon’s attack speed is now modified aswell, determined by a randomized state- also attack speed and damage modifiers now cooperate faster attack speeds will reduce the weapon’s damage and vice verca.

Game World

Some new world chunks have been added, along with 2 new random arena’s.
6 new world chunks for ch5 Bridge
3 new world chunks for ch3:1 Armory (Sub-chapter)
1 new world chunk for ch4 Crew Quarters

One of the arenas is called “Corrupted Vessel” and exist in Chapter 1 through 5 (Ch4:1 Tram Network is excluded). This is a special arena that have a chance to drop exquisite items, and the items dropped vary between each chapter so discovering each of the corrupted vessel could be rewarding.

So finally, alot of physics-related optimizations have been done in all maps, and I also noticed that alot of the shock-tile traps in the game dealt wrong elemental damage type, so I’ve sorted that out aswell.
Oh by the way, I’m for the moment working on new chapters for the main story line!
I had actually planned not to do so, but I wanted to introduce the Forsaken monsters in the main story line aswell, since they for the moment only appear in hidden maps. I’ve taken another approach on the map design this time though, alot of the maps will take place outdoor or inside caves and such places, the map layout will still be randomized but I’m not sure yet if I can get it fully as randomized as in the already existing chapters, since Unity’s terrain system weren’t really compatible with the way I deploy world chunks in the scene…

I’m sure it’ll work out somehow though, after all, I won’t be able to finish these new chapters for some time and until the release of them I’ld be surprised if I haven’t managed to figure something out!

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