Solotility 1.3.118 Release

I’ve uploaded a new build of Solotility to take care of some bugs and annoyances that were present in v1.3.108. The new build can be downloaded from here. Update Log

Updates –

  • Scroll panels now move to the text marker location if out of bounds while typing
  • Scroll panel view pane location is now reset when loading new content to the scroll panel control

Fixed –

  • Fixed issue with Item Template Manager flaging for catalog-change validation when editing old item templates
  • Fixed issue with messages not beeing saved to the dashboard on solution reload
  • Changing active solution no longer throws an out of range exception.
  • Fixed issue with Outliner context menu selecting wrong catalog for an action
  • Fixed issue with Mouse-Wheel scrolling in Scroll-Panel controls
  • Fixed issue with scrollable panels not registering mouse-wheel scrolling in some situations