Solotility #5

Most of my attention the past few weeks have gone to developing Demox however, I’ve managed to put some time on fixing a few things for the Solution Organizer Utility aswell. While not ready to be deployed, these changes will be in place for v0.1.2.0 which will be released sometime within the next few weeks!

  • New Features

Update Log Generator:
By clicking the Project Overview button, and then entering a build/version name that exist in your database you will be able to print an update/change log for your solution. It will collect all work items that you’ve completed for the specified build and output them to a .txt document on your desktop.

Interim Goal Tracker Widget:
A new dashboard widget that allow you to specify one of your interim goals that you wish to track from your solution’s dashboard.

  • Updates

Interim Creation changes:
I’ve removed the field “Interim Goal Type” from the Interim Creation dialog since it served no purpose

Item Name Conflicts:
Saving an item with a conflicting name will display a dialog to either rename the new item ( eg. <ItemName>, <ItemName>1, <ItemName>2 ) to include a number or to overwrite the existing item

Editor Text Formatting:
The item editor now properly hide tags when you’ve finished editing your text. Also, header-tag has been changed from (##) to (<h></h>) and italic-text from ( [ ] ) to ( <i></i> ).

Catalog Migration:
From v0.1.2.0 it will be possible to move catalogs within the solution outliner.

Furthermore, a few bugs and glitches have been sorted out:

  • Fixed issue with the “Manage Widgets” button not opening the Widget Preferences screen
  • Fixed issue that made dashboard widgets glitch if applied inproperly in the Widgets Preference screen
  • Missing or removed solutions will no longer be printed in the Recent Files list
  • Fixed issue with the Solution Outliner not beeing reset when loading a new project/solution
  • Fixed issue with the Dashboard Statistics field displaying wrong item sums
  • Fixed issue with the Item Editor not loading “Target Build” for the first item opened after loading a solution

I’ll return to you with a release date soon! 🙂