LBKR 2.31 and The Alamo

As I mentioned by the time of the 2.30-release of LBKR work on a DLC has already begun, furthermore there is an update of the main game coming up aswell in order to fix some glitches and improve some visuals of the game.

At this time I don’t have enough spare time to write a full article of everything but I’ll come back with more ASAP!

For now though, the DLC will include 5 new chapters for the story, taking place after the events of the first 10 chapters of LBKR. The player will investigate what happened to the evacuation ship all the survivors of the IGCC tried to reach in chapter 5 of LBKR.

Currently there are to be two new bosses for these 5 chapters, and there are already five new common monsters, more will likely be added as the development progress. Two of the new monsters are the “Alamo Clerk” and “Alamo Commisioner” that can be seen in the pictures below.

a clerk a commisioner01

Furthermore the DLC will include 5 new world locations, new items and equipment and a bunch of new missions and bounty contracts.

As for the upcoming game-update, alot of issues regarding AI navigation has been fixed. These issues appeared in the 2.30f1 release, as the old AI pathfining solution was replaced with an entirely new system.

Visually, for anyone who play the game with the ‘Enable Gore’ setting toggled on, there will be more gory stuff on screen. As monster limbs are torn off those limbs will bounce around in the game world and leaving blood stains all over the place. This also gives a cooler effect for when monsters are killed with a critical hit and their entire bodies explode.

gp gibs

Another new thing is the UI Selection Wheel. To simplify menu navigation I added these selection wheels to be more clear on what the user will see when entering in-game UI panels like the Mission Window, Character Statistics. Also the death screen UI has been remodeled to a selection wheel as it simply looked neater.

ui selectWheel

The Beastiery-section of the player Log panel now reveal the amount of each monster type the player has killed (Let’s just hope there are more statistic-junkies than me out there so that this feature is of any use…)

ui beastiery

The Bounty contract mechanic has been tweaked slightly. First of all the Contracts UI display has been simplified with larger contract icons displaying all required info without selecting the contract.

ui contracts

Furthermore the player must no longer visit the Bounty Keeper in a safe zone in order to collect new contracts, instead if a slot is empty the player can simply click the slot and select a new contract- the amount of contracts available is still limited though and are refreshed every 40th minute.

To purchase boosters, tier modifiers and other bounty-related updates the player must still visit the Bounty Keeper though!


That’s it for this time, I hope to be able to return with more info around these updates within short!