Loot Burn Kill Repeat 2.30 Release

Very thorough game-testing and bug searching has occured while waiting for my connection to get sorted out though, which in hindsight was very necessary considering this is the first version of Loot Burn Kill Repeat released after the Early-Access builds and it can be downloaded for free from this page.

One of the most important fixes was done as a result of the crazy heat the last summer offered ( atleast to us here in the northern parts of Sweden. ) I just recently installed new fans in my PC, but before that it was obviously under-dimensioned and as mentioned, due to the heat my computer overheated and crashed multiple times- when the computer crashed while playing LBKR alot of data corruption occured and some of my character profiles were no longer playable nor recoverable. LBKR haven’t saved any backup-data previously but as a result of these crashed I’ve now also written some code to handle necessary data-backups stored on the players machine. The LBKR website’s troubleshooting page will be updated with instructions on how to recover corrupted data aswell.

Some relatively large memory leaks have been fixed, concerning everything from AI, Player abilities and item code.

Multiple UI improvements, both updated graphics and optimizations.

One of the most recent features for the game is the new “Masochist” game-mode. When you’ve completed the main story line in a difficulty you will be able to activate the Masochist modifiers for that difficulty. The masochist modifiers simply make the encountered monsters more powerful and better loot will be dropped.

For a full update log, have a look here.

As I mentioned in a preivous post I’ve spent some time working on smaller side-projects aswell, none of them have grown to be something that have caught my interest enough to stick with and create a full projects from however, I’ve learned some interesting things from working on them.

One of these things are a new AI pathfinding system which while I type this I’ve already implemented into the game, although it will not be included in the v2.30 release as I’ve not tested it enough. It looks promising this far though, the AI don’t end up stuck as they do from time to time in the pathfinding system used in v2.30 and earlier. Also the AI are able to mount obstacles, jump down from ledges and jump over gaps in the environment, features that weren’t compatible with the old pathfinding system.

This system will be included in the next release though, the next release will prepare the game for better game client update management aswell as some DLC’s. (Work on the first DLC has already begun to be honest, it will feature five new chapters, some new void rifts, items, monsters and missions.)

Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy Loot Burn Kill Repeat v2.30 and I’ll come back in a while with more info regarding the development first DLC.