Dev Report 2.29.2

I’ve had a few weeks of bug-fixing since the last article I wrote, and I’ve managed to fix alot more than I actually expected to do.

Fixes aside, I’ve also gone ahead and implemented a minimap, which was a feature I had originally intended to add for the 2.3 release but meh- why not now?

Turned out decent enough, minimap legends and fog of war function as they’re supposed to, but I’ve not managed to stop the minimap from rendering light globes/halos. Will look into this issue before the 2.23 release but the minimap will be released in the 2.29 version as is.

I’ve added some more unique items, Daelman’s Shock Top- a crafted-only armor that provide high defense ratings with bonus shock resistance and properties, and Medzak’s Steam Blade- a crafted-only two handed melee weapon, the Steam Blade hold a new super-modifier called “Underdog”, if the modifier is active and your health pass below 25% of it’s max value all of your attacks are guaranteed to be critical hits.

Unfortunately I’ve not kept track of everything I’ve done since my last update so to avoid repeating myself I’ll just leave it like this however, the 2.29 release of LBKR is really near! I intend to compile the game and test-run it to see if I can find any last bugs before the release- other than that v2.29 is actually in it’s finished state! So stay tuned for the game update, which in ordinary fashion will be released along with a full update-log that cover all new game content and bug fixes etc. etc.

Oh right! I also threw together a short video with some gameplay of the new Puppeteer class!