Another sign of life

I’m sorry for the relatively infrequent updates lately but as it’s soon time for vacation (and as more or less every construction site of the company I work for aim to be done before the vacation…) I’ve been working quite a few extra hours a day so I simply haven’t had much energy left to mash my keyboard to provide you with any progress of LBKR.

Since my last post though, I’ve begun to add more minions that the player can summon. The minions fight for the player until they vanish, which they do as their lifetime has passed. (An example is the Minebot and Interceptor, Tech-abilities. Both of them summon a minion.)

This far I’ve fully implemented three of the minions, ‘Demon’, a small err… demon(?) that may be summoned if a certain exquisite gear is equiped. The ‘Fishman’ that is summoned by finding it’s lair in Oxygen Processing and the ‘Spirit of Nan-Ma’altxuuz’, can be summoned by holding a certain unique weapon. All of the minions can additionally be summoned on demand with a new consumable item called “Callstones”.

As for new items and gear, I’ve added four new weapons (whereas three of ’em are of exquisite/unique rating.) and three new exquisite armor pieces. Additionally there are four new super(unique) item modifiers:


Multi Healer > Restores health each time you are rewarded with a multikill bonus
Streak Feet > Increases your move speed for a short while after each kill streak bonus you are rewarded
Head Hunter> Provides a small chance that any master- or greater ranked monster that’s killed will drop a unique gear
Blood Gift> 5% chance that a demon is summoned when a monster is killed by the player

As for more common gear, there are 9 new item modifiers. Their effects range from reducing ability cooldown and costs or increase the amount of currency and resources dropped by monsters on death, to buff or modify the effects of specific player abilities.


There’s also a new damage member/effect called “imprison”, victims can no longer move while under the imprison-effect but they can still use their attacks. As with the other damage effects (Bleed excluded…) this effect wears of after a few seconds.

As for the UI, I’ve still not quite found out why the main menu does not respond to actions when playing on Linux in fullscreen mode, I’m having a hard time trying to recreate the problem but I will keep trying. Meanwhile I’ve started to redesign the menu slightly, there are no major changes, merely regarding the layout.

For the in-game UI I’ve added new player debuff-state icons to the HUD that will be enabled whenever the player’s stunned or imprisoned, to make it more clear why the user can no longer move their character, and any minion that is summoned by the player will have their remaining lifetime displayed just above the player character’s health bar.