Online is fine

The problems I’ve had with my internet connection the past three weeks have been sorted out now so I’m back online! (Yay)

I’ll return ASAP with a development update… alot has happened the last weeks, but i’ll give you a sneak peek!

Made some late adjustments to most maps, along with a lot of optimizations in general, but particularly the item generation and management systems have received large optimizations and will consume ALOT less memory in 2.26!


The work is coming along nicely with the next chapters of LBKR. I’ve already begun laying out the maps for Chapter 7, taking place in a cave system


Three new miniboss modifiers has been added this far:
-Bloated: The monster may release toxic gas around itself when taking damage from the player
-Agitator: The monster will buff the Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Damage and Armor Rating skills of nearby friends
-Prober: The monster summons multiple laser probes that rotate at the location it was summoned at, dealing fire damage to the player character if he makes contact with the beam


The HUD has received an update as can be seen in the screenshot below (compared to the screenshots above…)
Your character’s level is now displayed at the lower left, next to your item quickbar, the yellow circle surrounding the level value is the new experience bar.
Also, the mini-menu to the lower right is now a pop-up menu.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ll return as soon as I can with a full update report, until then, thanks for your support and interest!