What is LBKR

Loot Burn Kill Repeatbg_wta01

Loot Burn Kill Repeat is a free to play sci-fi action/rpg with a focus on fast-paced action.

Onboard the IGCC space station a curious infection have caused the majority of the crew to mutate into blood craving monsters. The only rescue are the emergancy pods located in a far away section of the station so you will have to slash your way through the hordes of mutants in order to be safe.

While the game has been released, it is still a work in progress… the core is done, the main story-line and plenty of mysteries, events and side-missions aswell.
However, alot of content is still to be added, ranging from side-missions and secret levels, new character classes and abilities to new monsters and items. The new content along with various improvements are beeing added and released continuously.


  • Choose from three classes, the Soldier, Technician or the Cryptic, each and one with their own set of abilities and benefits or unlock some hidden player classes by completing tricky challenges or missions.
  • Investigate the cause of the contamination by exploring the IGCC and unveiling it’s secret areas and levels
  • Items are procedurally generated and can also be customized with item modifiers
  • Randomized level layouts and world events
  • Lots of monsters, bosses and minibosses
  • Fast-paced gory combat
  • Blood and gore can be disabled through the Options menu